Welcome to the website of EPPIE finalist Olivia Lorenz. I write erotic romances, specifically hot historicals, and m/m (slash). I also write more mainstream m/m fiction.

Though I have no plans to publish anything new, a few books are due for re-release throughout 2009, including a print version of The Lady and the Highwayman.

Latest titles: A new edition of ‘The Lady & The Highwayman’ has been released by Midnight Showcase in their Timeless Seductions anthology, which is also in print, for those of you who wrote and asked when this story would make it into paperback!

Timeless Seductions

Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Formats: PDF, HTML, Print
ISSN: 1555 – 5496 Vol. 119-112ED
Price: $5.99 (ebook format); $12.48 (print)
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Georgina, a mercenary highwaywoman who goes by the guise of a society lady, is warned by an innkeeper not to travel the roads at duck. There are brigands abroad who’ll attack any carriage they see. But as she continues her journey home, she meets her match when her coach is held up by a rival highwayman who has a bone to pick with her…

Also in this anthology: Silk Enchantment by Megan Hussey; One Soul: Two Bodies by Ellen Magret; Heart Magic by Mae Powers; Silver Linings by Mae Powers.

Trail of Feathers

Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Formats: PDF, HTML, Print
ISSN: 1555-5488 Vol 39-14SE
Price: $5.99 (ebook format); $16.99 (print)
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Amy O’Brien had little love for her father, an eminent but absent anthropologist. His student Karl certainly makes her crazy with lust, but he too proves less than perfect when he uses her to further his work. Soon she is stuck in the Amazon on the trail of lost Inca treasure with Karl and his ruthless and fame-hungry partner Dominic.

As she dreams of ancient and erotic tribal ceremonies, Amy is captured by Richard, a pirate, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who disturbs her sleep. Richard is keeping even more secrets than everyone else in her life: he killed her father and fell in love with her from diary entries. Even as they both fight to save themselves from Inca sacrifice, they find themselves drawn even deeper into love.

Trail of Feathers is an Indiana Jones-style adventure, with romantic and erotic action spanning both sides of the Atlantic.